A Plan for all seasons

Over the years I’ve worked with veterinary professionals and companies who sell their products and services into a very traditional market – agriculture. When meeting with both the vets and the people working for businesses selling in to this sector it was great to hear that they were all focused on building long term relationships with their customers but they were also open to help in changing a few of the old practices that they had in recommending current services, promotions or the biggest revenue earner to their customers. A similar approach to improve commercial practices emerged from our work with the vets and businesses which was for them to contact customers before the start of the next season in order to both anticipate their needs and get in before the competition by offering an added-value service or product package (service/product, delivery, price, timing). This approach can work in many other markets so take a look at your products and services and think how you could anticipate your customers’ needs by providing a product or service package that delivers added-value before they buy it from your competitor. Season’s greetings!

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