Change from within

I know it’s not easy being a senior manager. You have to keep producing the results, meet the challenges from customers and competitors and make sure that you’re organisation is headed in the right direction when change is happening all around you (technology, economy etc.). One of the most impressive senior managers I have worked for as a consultant was appointed to head a global organisation and spent the first 3 months just meeting internal and external stakeholders and listening to their views. The manager wanted to make changes to the organisation structure but asked me to conduct a review where I would interview a cross-section of the commercial organisation at head office and in the countries for their detailed feedback on what was working and what wasn’t. Several weeks later I presented back to the senior manager who was pleased that his original plan was correct but even more happy that the organisation had identified lots more opportunities for improvement which the senior management team were able to implement with the full support of the organisation. It was a great example of creating change from within rather than trying to make it happen through force of will from above.

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