Monthly Archives: May 2013

Your Work and Life is More than a Juggling Act!


The last few weeks have been frenetic at work so I had to sacrifice several weekends on the altar of work as it had a clear priority over play. I am also aware that my Blog has suffered even more than my weekends as I neglected to add a new post during this extremely busy time!

There are many books and courses on time management but one of the most useful tools that I have come across is the Stephen Covey matrix of viewing tasks as either Important/Not Important and Urgent/Not Urgent. This simple and visual depiction of your work tasks enables you to prioritise and plan what is Important and Urgent that needs to be done now and what is Important and Not Urgent (for example, personal or product development) which you must invest time in for the future.

However, the Covey tool on its own will not magically put you in control of your life or your work and at times you may feel that managers or even customers and not you decide on your schedule and workload, which can under extreme pressure lead to personal frustration, exhaustion and demotivation.

In my experience this is where you need to tap into your own personal matrix of what is important to you in your life, which will be more than just your work, to also include your social, physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Give yourself time to reflect on what your special gifts and strengths are and how best you can use these to help yourself and at the same time others, to achieve goals at work and outside of work. By knowing the answers to these questions you can then follow your personal path and when things get tough you can review your situation and either say to yourself that you have chosen to do this because it’s important to you or that you have the option to make changes if you find that you are not doing what’s important to you.

I was happy to be busy at work but my Blog is also important enough for me to put time into it and the next one will be higher up my to do list!