Be more dog!

As a long term cat owner I heard about the ‘Be more dog’ ad campaign from O2 from a friend and wondered why over 1 million people had viewed it on YouTube. Apart from the fact that the video is funny showing a cat acting like a dog the message from O2 launching its 4G service this summer is about encouraging Britain to embrace the new, have a go with the unknown and dabble in innovation.

I’m a fan of new technology and also very interested in why people (including me) find change so challenging. I first got involved in this area through Joel Barkers ‘Business of paradigms’ and have worked with several thousand people in workshops asking them to picture the future and then plan to make it happen. As well as seeking to change ourselves we work with businesses in many markets who seek to change consumer behaviour but face resistance from people reluctant to leave the safety of what they already know and do. Having just enjoyed reading Charles Duhiggs book ‘The power of habit’ which helps to understand why we do what we do and how our habits can be changed. There are many examples of innovation happening around us such as 3d printers (now on sale for £700), smart phones, blogging (!) and soon driverless cars…. so go on ‘Be more dog’ and embrace new technology before it overtakes you!

P.S This is a photo of our (sadly recently departed) cat Ali who wasn’t too keen on dogs but she happily had a microchip under her skin in case she got lost, so she was a bit more dog too!

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