It’s not business or people but people+business

I was recently asked how a particular business could develop its sales and at the same time change the aggressive management of its commercial people who must meet their targets or be asked to leave. As you would expect this environment may be successful in the short-term but it comes at a cost from the high turnover of people and lots of wasted time and money spent on recruitment, training, stress-related sickness and redundancy etc. The opposite situation of no targets with little measurement or management may be a more relaxed organisation to work in but is likely to meander it’s way to a dead-end. Having worked as a consultant with a lot of market-leading companies the most effective in the long run are those which recognise that a clear vision combined with a customer focused culture, pursuing business development strategies with customers which are implemented by commercial teams who are motivated and supported to deliver their goals. My passion is to help companies to achieve the simple formula of developing People+Business both internally and externally.

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