Reviewing a business

I’ve enjoyed working with many leading businesses in lots of different markets but food and drink has been a favourite for some reason! One of the most memorable was when I worked with a top soft drinks company (you can guess which one) getting involved in helping one of their business divisions which was underperforming. After passing the test with senior management, by understanding what they wanted to achieve and demonstrating that I could add-value, my first step as always, was to spend time with the front-line team. I worked with the managers and most importantly a cross-section of the field sales force, observing them in action and listening to their views, as well as gaining access to several other sales teams in similar markets (snacks, confectionery) to use as a benchmark and to pick-up any ‘outside’ ideas. The review led to the creation of a small project team including myself that was tasked with introducing new systems, objectives, measures, training and sales processes. When the re-structured division was launched it very quickly achieved its business targets for the first time and made serious inroads into the market share of the competition. I really enjoyed being part of a process and team which helped to transform the business and I always look forward to using this tried and tested review approach in new situations and challenges!

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